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Strategic Sourcing

– Identify and Qualify Suppliers
– Generate & Evaluate Supplier Proposals
– Sub-Contract Execution
– Supplier Management Oversight
– Invoice Reconciliation
– Make vs. Buy Analysis
– Third Party Audit
– Contract Closeout

Property Management

– Hand Receipt/Custodian Assignment
– Inventory Control
– Annual Reporting to Wide Area Work Flow
– Transition Inventories
– IUID Reporting


– Re-Stocking
– Scrap Procedures (Industrial and Non-Industrial)
– Cross Leveling (Transferring to other contracts/locations)
– Sales and Auctions
– Donations/Charitable Contributions
– Depreciation
– Damage and Loss Reporting
– Insurance Claim Processing
– Third Party Audit

Systems & Process Solutions

– Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization
Screening System (PCARSS)
– Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)
– E Tools
– DLA Disposition Services
– Electronic Turn-In Document (ETID)
– Reutilization, Transfer Donation (RTD)
– Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS)
– Subcontract/Purchase Order Closeout
Process & Execution
– 3rd Party Audits

We’re experts in all areas related to Acquisition and Property Management. We provide a turnkey solution to mitigate financial and legal exposure associated with Start-up, Transition, and Closeout of your contracts. Our expertise puts the right people at the right places quickly without compromising adherence to federal, state, and local laws, as well as your organization’s policies and procedures.

Why RLO2

RLO2 provides a competitive advantage because we are a small disadvantaged business with global expertise. We ensure that our customers are not imposed with fines, withholds, and/or contract termination due to non-compliant Acquisition & Property management systems. RLO2 has a cadre of experts that are trained and ready to develop, implement, and execute transition inventories, corrective action plans, and compliant & auditable Acquisition and Property Management Systems.

United States Government (USG) Withhold Rules

“…withholding is authorized under a new Pentagon regulation, finalized 24 February 2012, which allows the auditing agency  to recommend withholding payments, if they find a significant deficiency in a Contractor’s Business Systems, to protect government from the risk of overpaying on contracts.”

The Pentagon regulation covers six (6) Contractor Business Systems.  The Defense Contractor Management Agency (DCMA) and the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) each take the lead on three (3) separate systems. The DCAA looks closely at the Accounting & Billing, Estimating, Material management & Accounting Systems, while the DCMA takes the lead on the Purchasing, Government Property & Management, and Earned Value Management systems.